Who is Midland?

Midland Railway Supply and Services is a privately held company incorporated in 1993. Our leadership consists of seasoned and talented professionals through various industries, dedicated to better serving our customers and employees. Through our years of service, we have acquired a unique skill set spanning numerous different industries, and specialize in field maintenance of rail assets and handling materials and goods for railroads and utilities. Our goal is to conduct our business with integrity, embrace technology and innovation in everything we do. We're continually looking for opportunities to improve and expand upon our service to better serve our customers.

Safety is our business.

Our biggest priority is the peace of mind we deliver to our customers through our commitment to safety. We believe that safety is the responsibility of every employee, and our job is to provide the tools and training to support safety awareness to them, while keeping the environment they work in hazard free. It is our personal duty is to make sure all personnel arrive home safely every day.

Why choose Midand?

We're challenge seekers, and look at every potential job as one we can do better. We want to understand your needs and expectations, then develop a unique solution thats best suited for you. When your needs change, we're more than happy to adapt. We know that to be successful we must provide quality workmanship and run a safe operation.

Our Mission Statement

To be a customer-centric organization focusing on quality workmanship, safe operations, cost effectiveness, and customer relationships. To focus all of our resources on better serving our customers. Continue to perform. We will deliver what we promise!

Policy Statement

Ensure the service and quality requirements of our customers are met or exceeded and offer higher service and better quality than our competition. Maintain an environment that stimulates productivity and emphasizes respect for our customers and employees.

Hard working and highly innovative, we take great pride in our team.

No job is too big or too small, and we treat all of them with the same dedication.

We cater to a variety of different industries, and pride ourselves on diversity.